Another day

You are stupid,
you are worthless,
you mean nothing,
you are disguting.

These words are screaming,
they’re ripping in to my
soul, decimating me,
speaking tomes of truth.

Huddled in the corner,
I want to scream and
yell for help to come,
yet I am silent.

I need the help,
I should ask for it,
I am silent,
won’t you please help me?

I need you now,
I need your caressing
embrace around me,
protecting me.

I want to sob in
to your chest,
I don’t want to be strong,
I don’t want to carry on.


Michael and Lucifer

I can carve your name into my arm,
a cry to the devil to come forth,
to declare my anger showing in the calm,
to welcome Lucifer to the north.

I can soak my stomach in holy water,
a cry to the angels of God himself,
to declare my faith that shan’t falter,
to welcome Michael to Earth itself.